Visitor Profiles

See below the guest profiles of the CHEM // ECOLINK exhibition.

  • Managers, scientists and personnel for laboratories of industrial companies, private and independent labs, government labs and labs for research centers, institutes, universities and technical schools.
  • Owners, buyers/ supply managers, chemists, industrial chemists, chemical engineers, biochemists, biologists, biotechnologists, agriculturists, geologists, clinical chemists, environmentalists, managers of quality control, experiments and trials personnel, professors, students, botanists, nanotechnologists, food technologists, engineers, meteorologists, researchers, physicians, electronics, nuclearists, metallurgists, technicians, merchants.
  • Companies of food, beverages, drinks, wine, honey, milk, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medicine, paints, detergents, cleaning materials, water, lubricants, oil, metals, paper, glass, plastics, inks, leather, clothing, construction materials, chemicals, research & development.

  • Districts & Municipalities
  • Industries, factories, agricultural & animal raising companies
  • Hotels
  • Marine companies
  • Technical, commercial and transport companies
  • Governmental service providers and organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Environmental entities
  • Universities and technical colleges
  • Water and drain supply companies
  • Laboratories
  • Businessmen, technical managers, environmentalists, ecologists, chemists, chemical engineers, engineers, biologists, geologists, agriculturists, architects
  • Professors, students, researchers, consultants, investors