Syskevasia 22 – 17th International Packaging, Machines, Printing and Logistics Exhibition, Plastica 22 – 11th International Plastics, Machines, Molds and Recycling Exhibition and

Chem 22 – 11th Chemicals, Equipment and Quality Control Exhibition took place at Athens Metropolitan Expo meeting with great success.

After an absence of 4 years due to Covid19, our Exhibitions came back more dynamic and renewed with new participations, innovate products and services. There was an increase of participations reaching the number of 370 companies from Greece and abroad, but also about 19.000 professional visitors were present in the stands, contributing the maximum in the perfect delivery of the exhibition laying the basis for even greater success in the future.

More than 90% of above-mentioned exhibitors stated very pleased with the results of their participation and they already expressed their interest for the next organization, thus, it is evident that our exhibitions surpassed every expectation with the interest been sufficiently high.

In parallel with our Exhibitions once more we were sponsors and hosted events, congresses, conferences and speeches organized by exhibitors and associations, which supported our Exhibitions and contributed not only for the Exhibitions’ success but also to their further promotion.

The Exhibitions advertising and promotion program was increased through all media (TV+RADIO), trade journals, social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube) and for the first time, a large advertising campaign with great interest was materialized through Google Ads.

We thank everyone who supported this effort honoring us through their presence.

We look forward to see you again in 2024!