Laboratory Equipment for Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Parapharmaceuticals & Cosmetology.

  • Analytical, scientific, electronic, diagnostic and microscopic instruments.
  • Instruments for cell culture, quality control, homogenizing and toxicology.
  • Apparatus and micro apparatus for freezing, distillation, filtration, tests, measurement and weighing.
  • Digital image systems.
  • Nanotechnology and robotics laboratory equipment.
  • Chemicals, reagents, radioisotopes.
  • Hygiene laboratory equipment.
  • Laboratory safety equipment.
  • Laboratory plastic and glass products.
  • Laboratory furniture.
  • Laboratory consumables & professional clothing products.
  • Software and hardware laboratory programs.
  • Raw materials and experimental animals.

New Technologies, Original and Innovative Products.

  • Large or specialized national or foreign laboratories for research and development of pharmaceutical, skin cosmetics and medical products.
  • Inventing and developing innovative parapharmaceuticals, food supplements and skin cosmetic products.
  • Sterilization, antiseptic, disinfection, cooling products and medical gases.
  • New equipment for production, packaging, storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals, parapharmaceuticals and food supplements.
  • Collection and handling dangerous medical and hospital wastes.
  • New products for homeotherapy, herbal therapy, acupuncture etc.
  • Consumables, one use products and professional clothing.
  • Hospitals and Clinics offering new curative solutions.

Bioscience Equipment and Products for:

  • Biological and biotechnological medical research.
  • Heart and biophysics biology.
  • Diagnostics, curative clinical and genetic biology.
  • Pharmaceutical biology and biotechnology.
  • Agricultural and food biology.
  • Molecular, analytical, chemical and synthetic biology.
  • Animal, marine, energy, industrial, botanic, nanotechnologic and environmental biotechnology.


  • Software and data filing systems.
  • Institutes, research centers, medical universities, governmental organizations.
  • Certification companies.
  • Companies of e-commerce, studies, printing and electronic publications.
  • Scientific and company syndicate entities.
  • Cooperatives and clusters.